Proposed Mongolian route.

The attached map details my proposed long ride route through Mongolia.

I had initially planned a westerly route but for reasons of water availability and adventure, east become preferable.

Striking out first north through the Gorkhi- Tereji and on up to Khan Khentil, an area of dense Taiga forest. Skirting the Siberian border to the north, then heading east towards Dadal. The mythical birthplace of one Genghis Khan. So on south and east towards the Chinese border and the far eastern portion of the country. Where only grey wolves and the occasional hardy nomad dare venture. Swinging back west once in Suchbaatar, a starkly beautiful, yet woefully under explored province. And so on to the homeward stretch. Passing the northern tip of The Gobi, and the extinct volcanoes of Gangar Nuur. Some 1200 miles in total. The idea was to go where few had been and for the untouched nature of the landscape.

A more detailed map is available at tripline, just search for Mongolian Long Ride

The route is completely flexible but is largely planned around the availability of water and the terrain. Little is written about this part of Mongolia, it remains one of the last remaining areas of true wilderness. They rode on.