Guild Formation.

Dear Adventurers, welcome, to this, the inaugural post of the newly formed Adventurers' Guild.

Mission Statement: The Adventurers' Guild exists to cast a gimlet gaze upon the globe and ask "Where does that path lead?"  The vanguard of the unknown.

Please take a seat. A brief note first on Guild decorum.

The Guild requires the following rules be observed by members at all times;

*Never let the truth spoil a good story.

*Adventurers shall conduct themselves in a gentlemanly fashion.

* The name Bear Grylls is never to be uttered within the hallowed walls of the Guild, the penalty for this, is death. By rats.

* "Smart" phones and similar electronic devilry are to be left outside or preferably at the bottom of a well.

*The Oath of Adventure is to be sworn by all Guild members.

* No admission to Guild premises will be given to wearers of pantalones de nimes or sports attire. Unless that sport involves a blade of some description.

* Above all, the Guild remains a bastion for learning. Narrow minded, obnoxious talk will not be tolerated.


The Oath

We, the Guild, do so swear to share all knowledge, encourage all endeavour, pursue all learning and remain steadfast in the growing tide that threatens to extinguish the light of exploration. Knowledge remains the lightest burden.  The journey, the greatest adventure.